It’s a little-known fact that every animal has its own tooth fairy, and every year the tooth fairies have a televised competition to see who’s collected the most teeth.

But Wes is the Worm Fairy and he's never collected a single tooth. But shady dealings see his friend D.K. captured and the mystery Wes unravels will change the game for everyone.

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"Never meet your heroes." A truism that Lalia will come to understand when her small village is threatened by a force of nature and she is forced to journey to the one Legend that might save her flock.

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The Goldsmith family, competition winners - guinea pigs - scapegoats. Spending a year together in a home under the sea with your every move broadcast to an audience of billions would test any family, but everything is not as it seems. Big brother, shady characters, sunken ships, Mayan artifacts, the fountain of youth and alien invasion all cast a shadow across this one year adventure beneath the ocean. Can the Goldsmith's last the distance?

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A tropical cruise turns into a high-stakes journey through deep space as a boy, his dog Astro and a flea struggle to survive each other long enough to save their cruise ship, its passengers, and the earth itself.

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The great philosophical question of what lurks in that hazy limbo between life and death never lost Andrew Evans any sleep - until the accident. 

Then unfortunately there was simply no ignoring it; for what should have existed only in that hazy, celestial divide was now standing in his laundry holding a dead starling.

The Unavoidable Kifo began life as a screenplay, before becoming a novel and finally a much revised, much better screenplay.

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Oscar is fed up with being a domestic pet. He is subservient to no human and decides to live with the wild dogs of the Congo.

Together with an elephant, a parrot, and a shady piranha, Oscar treks incognito through a human world to be reunited with his kind. But is the wild all it's cracked up to be?

The current screenplay features a Hippo (as a result od Madagascar being announced just as I wrote 'the end' on this one) but I prefer it with an Elephant in the role and might one day reinstate him one day.

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