I did a bunch of dumpster hopping in our various recycle centers around town, looking for keyboards for this Mario mosaic.
The keyboards were disgusting, skin and split coffee and general keyboard goo all had to be cleaned and re-cleaned in a soppy bath, then dried and sorted.

I had found some old Mario pixel art which I redrew to the right number of pixels needed for the mosaic in Photoshop. Then it was just a matter of paint by numbers, filling out from center to edge. I used space bar keys to add a sense of travel or 'speed lines' to the picture and worked in circles from the center out so as the keys varied from batch to batch it made a sort of vignette.

Glenn melenhorst 1421076 10151884918754016 997329293 o
Glenn melenhorst 1403493 10151884918759016 726441352 o
Glenn melenhorst 1403587 10151880535914016 1497184545 o
Glenn melenhorst 1405009 10151878280254016 936630490 o
Glenn melenhorst 1412254 10151878269674016 1373592955 o
Glenn melenhorst 1462616 10151880444424016 869650195 o

mankey reclaimed keyboards... the horror.

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Glenn melenhorst 1398404 10151878269679016 827715157 o
Glenn melenhorst 1399435 10151878669754016 898521814 o
Glenn melenhorst 1399545 10151882768774016 287224235 o
Glenn melenhorst 1400259 10151884918749016 1136252810 o
Glenn melenhorst 1400546 10151884918739016 2045976026 o